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Type and Cost

Type and Cost

We sell all types of hot air balloons, gas balloons, airships, helium blimps and inflatables

Balloons, like vehicles, come in many different shapes and sizes and the advice as to which is best suited for your brand will depend upon your requirements with the project.

Balloons size can vary between a tiny ‘hopper' which carries only the pilot in a harness to large corporate hospitality passenger balloons carrying upwards of sixteen guests.

Larger balloons are great for corporate hospitality whereas smaller balloons are best suited to tethering at events, night glows and can still accommodate the pilot plus two to four passengers. Special Shapes and ditigal printing are two excellent ways of standing out from the crowd.

Artwork can now be digitally produced and has revolutionized the opportunities available with brand reproduction.

In terms of cost, balloons again can be like vehicles in that they vary dramatically dependant on the nature of the product. For advertising balloons, full branding can start from as little as under £10k and basic special shapes can start from as little as under £30k. In all instances please pick up the phone and give us a call and we'll be happy to run through your ideas and put respective figures to them.

We also offer all types of cold air and helium inflatable marketing solutions which can also be digitally printed in house and full information can be found on our dedicated website

Click here to find out about special shapes.

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